Performex℠ is a global, real-time analytics dashboard designed to track trading performance against an extensive universe of benchmarks. Performex underscores Cowen’s commitment to exceptional execution quality and provides customers with data navigational tools critical to identifying market opportunities.

Analytics Offering

Pre-Trade Analytics

  • Summarizes key trade characteristics for optimum execution
  • Forecasting details trade schedules based upon risk aversion, volume constraints and ability to preserve capital
  • Performance analyzed against variety of benchmarks
  • Risk analyzed by multiple venues and styles

Intra-Trade Analytics

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Trade Blotter lists all trades while Trade Summary aggregates by side, sector and strategy
  • Trade Intel and Performance Monitor reveal up-to-the-minute insight into activity and relevant market data
  • Algo Messenger℠ forensically identifies outliers relevant to customer orders and notifies users via IM
  • Graphical view of order attribution statistics accurately displays light versus dark distribution in real time

Post-Trade Analytics

  • Data visualization analyzes historical performance against a variety of benchmarks and summarizes in a graphical view
  • Highlights performance trends and details style and execution venues
  • Highly customizable reporting capabilities with exportable files in various formats
  • Feedback enables customers to tweak strategies and tactics
  • Reporting capabilities offer detailed understanding of transaction costs and asset value changes throughout execution life cycle

Performex Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Routing Matrix


The Routing Matrix shows:

  • All venues where shares were routed on behalf of the client’s order
  • Where the trade was routed
  • When it was routed
  • Total quantity routed


Heat Map


The Heat Map shows:

  • Every child order routed on behalf of the trade, superimposed with the corresponding execution(s)
  • Where large blocks were routed or executed
  • Both “hits” and “misses” in the marketplace


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