Plan Sponsor Solutions

Cowen offers plan sponsors sophisticated solutions that meet their unique requirements.  As a leading global agency broker with a long history of providing value-added execution services to institutional investors, Cowen helps over 1,000 funds worldwide save commissions and conserve plan assets.


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Features & Benefits

Premier Client Service

  • Clients support from an assigned customer service representative and salesperson
  • 24-hour web-based access to account activity through proprietary system specifically designed for commission recapture

Maximum Flexibility

  • Implementing a commission recapture program with Cowen is simple and easy
  • No time or volume requirements or program fees

Over 1,000 Funds Worldwide

Clients include: Public & Corporate Pension Plans, Taft-Hartley Plans, Endowments & Universities, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Mutual Fund Companies

Commission Recapture Overview

Cowen’s Commission Recapture Program offers a simple yet effective way for asset owners to save on commission costs and conserve assets

How are commission recapture credits generated?

1.  Plan/Fund clients instruct their investment managers to execute a portion of trades through their Cowen commission recapture program.

2.  Plan/Fund managers execute trades at their usual commission rates with Cowen or through the Global Trading Network. Cowen reconciles and reports on clients’ transactions by comparing manager and broker records.

3.  Cowen rebates a portion of the commissions generated in the plan sponsor’s program, either in cash or in payment of fund expenses.


Trading Capabilities

There are over 450 global investment manager clients trading to credit Cowen plan clients, helping to generate cost savings and returns in our client recapture programs. Although most commission credits are generated through global equity transactions, ADRs, ETFs, options and certain fixed income securities can also be used to generate commission credits or commission equivalent rebates.

Clients have the option to execute through the Cowen Trading Desk or through our Global Trading Network  which provides access to over 30 global broker-dealers and nine minority and/or women owned broker-dealers.  More About Execution Solutions

Event Trading

Event trading helps plan sponsors realize new ways to save assets by taking direct control over the costs associated with trim trades, liquidations, fundings, cash inflows and outflows, and other portfolio adjustments. These savings are centered on situations in which the plan, not the manager, makes a portfolio adjustment that results in a trading transaction.

Our event trading model is ideal when a large, complex, multi-asset class portfolio restructuring is not required. Our event team includes Cowen’s Plan Sponsor Sales team and Cowen’s Global Portfolio trading desk, all of whom will work directly with our plan/fund clients, their asset managers, plan consultants and/or custodians to:

  • Help determine whether our event model or other options are the most suitable for executing portfolio adjustments
  • Develop a customized execution strategy for each event transaction
  • Provide pre- and post-trade analysis reports

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